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I recently reported for jury duty, despite knowing with my time as a prosecutor, later as a defense attorney and teaching lawyers online nationally about jury selection, the chances of me being selected were slim to none. On this occasion, I didn’t even get asked any questions, but I did have two days to watch the process. I saw a few things that could have been improved. Actually, many things. In this article, I’m going to only focus on the beginning of questioning, and provide a few quick tips for…

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Lawyers: How to Win Cases with Storytelling

  Remember being a child and having your favorite book read to you by a parent? Or hearing someone tell a funny family story that is often repeated? How about telling your friends about something great that happened over the weekend? Storytelling is the oldest form of narrative communication by humans. It's wired into our DNA. Every human culture uses stories in an attempt to explain and make sense of the universe. The fastest way to connect to a jury when presenting your case is to use stories. When you talk…

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