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Why It’s Okay to Talk About Suicide and Mental Health

September is Suicide Prevention Awareness Month.  Four years ago, I lost a close friend and colleague to suicide. I recently received an early opportunity to view The S Word, a movie I supported on Kickstarter. https://theswordmovie.com/ My friend’s name is listed at the end, on the Wall of Remembrance. The S Word is a powerful movie. It follows suicide attempt survivor Des’rae Stage photographing attempt survivors and sharing their stories on Live Through This.https://www.livethroughthis.org/ Here are some quick statistics: Suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death in young people ages…

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Have you lost someone to suicide? If you have, this blog post explores feelings about loss and how to move forward for those of us who are left. One year ago today I got a phone call no one should ever receive. I'd lost a close friend to suicide. I assisted her family by taking over her legal practice and obligations, attended the informal memorial service put on by her friends, because her family couldn't bring themselves to have one, and learned more about her end days. She'd kept her…

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