Super Blue Moon Blog Post

We have a rare super blue moon, the first since 2009, causing me to feel the need to write a new blog post. I’m prone to blogging once in a blue moon instead of regularly, but I was born under a blue moon, so it must be in my DNA.

Posh and Perilous, Book 3 in the Davia Glenn series, has been released on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Ingram Sparks, and Audible. Highly-trained operative Davia Glenn battles thieves, killers, human traffickers, and more while coordinating a Spring Home & Garden tour in her ritzy community. What could go wrong?

Early reviews indicate that T4, the couture-hat-wearing turkey, is a hit. The idea began with a goofy text exchange last Thanksgiving with my amazing audiobook narrator, Stacey Lind. If anyone has a turkey as a pet, er, companion…send me a photo.

Thanks to everyone who leaves me reviews, posts about my series on social media, or messages/emails me directly with comments!

Since the release, I took a break from writing and went to Lobster West for my favorite food—a lobster with extra lobster. It’s fun to get off the mental treadmill for a while. To compensate, I’ve been lifting barbell weights and enjoying some well-written Korean dramas. Bloodhounds on Netflix is a recent favorite.

My next book will be outside the Davia Glenn world and genre, although I am working on Book 4 in the Davia series. Working is defined as “thinking about it and ignoring the stack of books I need to read for research.”

Thanks again to everyone who has helped make my series a huge success.

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