My Writing Playlist

When I write, I love listening to music. It helps me set the mood for some of the scenes. In Dior or Die, I listened to James Bond action music when writing the fighting and car chase scenes.

Now, I primarily listen to Korean music when I write. Much of the music isn’t English and doesn’t pull me out of my head.

Some of my favorite songs from my playlist:

  • My Name Hwang Sang Jun  From K-drama, My Name, with a kickass female heroine like Davia Glenn.
  • Till the End Yu Sung Eun From the K-drama, Again My Life, this song expresses a tenacity to stay the course until villains are defeated.
  • Someday, the Boy Kim Feel This is the protagonist’s theme song in Itaewon Class, a K-Drama about a young man who overcomes incredible odds to succeed. Kim Feel’s haunting voice makes me stop writing to listen each time, but I leave it on my playlist.
  • Run BTS and Burning Up (FIRE) by BTS are good songs for writing action scenes (and dancing.)

My Korean playlist has over 100 songs, and I love the soundtracks to The K2, Master’s Sun, and Ultimate Weapon Alice. Other favorite Korean singers are Coffee Boy, Gummy, and Sohyang,

Do my characters have theme songs?

Warden and Davia

When I write the Warden and Davia scenes, I think of how they’re together and then saying goodbye again and again. A recent song I like for them is Happie,” sung by Chung Chae Woon.

Lyrics include “I’m waiting here” and “I was made for you.”

It captures how much they wish to stay together but can’t. The song is in the soundtrack of “Ultimate Weapon Alice,” a K-drama about another tough female protagonist.


Adair and Davia

This couple can’t seem to keep away from each other, despite Davia’s intentions. A swoopy song with a jazz feel I like for them is Stay with Me,” sung by Chung Chae Woon.

Lyrics include, “Ever since I saw you, I can’t stop thinking about you.”

I’m happy to hear from my readers and if you have any songs that remind you of my characters, let me know!

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