Job Interviews in 2020: Focus on the Struggle NOT the Glory

You’re getting ready for a big job interview and you’re nervous.

You’ve put on your best suit and gone over your background, ready to impress the interviewers with all of your accomplishments.

What if I told you that your focus is completely wrong?


A study from the City University of London’s Cass Business school suggests we’re approaching impression management incorrectly. People everywhere are making the same mistake: focusing the interview on their achievements and success.

You like to talk about your accomplishments because it makes you feel competent. However, it’s misguided if you only talk about your achievements and not the effort.

If you say “I was second in my class” or “I won best speaker,” these are simply titles. It doesn’t connect the interviewer to you. Instead, focus on your struggles. Saying “I spent extra time working on learning the fundamentals” or “It took me awhile to learn (x)”

Effort conveys warmth, likability and is relatable. People connect more with warmth and likability than people who are focused on appearing smart.

When someone appears perfect, we distance ourselves from them. When they appear flawed, we’re attracted to them. This psychological phenomenon is known as “The Pratfall Effect.”


Studies prove that people connect with those who admit their flaws. By making a mistake, or admitting to mistakes, we boost our likability.

So, the next time you’re getting ready for a job interview, a date or other situation that demands you supercharge your connection and likability, don’t be afraid to admit those flaws or the effort you put into being where you are today.

Don’t be surprised when you get the job.

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