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An award-winning speaker, Laura speaks all over the planet to people who want to transform their lives. A natural storyteller, she motivates and empowers her audiences with true tales that help everyone embrace their inner superhero.

She’s shared her motivational humor with audiences that include universities, business organizations, non-profits, entrepreneurs and multinational corporations. Her class “How to Pick a Winning Jury” for lawyers has received rave reviews nationally.

In addition to keynotes and workshops, Laura works one-on-one with people who want to improve their public speaking, leadership and confidence.


How to Read Body Language

          Do you ever wonder what someone is thinking? 93% of our communication is non-verbal. Learn the basics of reading body language and get a few tips about how to spot a liar. This workshop is filled with deciphering non-verbal cues in our everyday interactions.

The Likability Factor

Let’s face it, not all of us have natural charisma. However, your likability determines success in your business life, personal relationships, finances and more.  Raising your likability even a little can improve your life. In this workshop, you will learn that being likable is under your control and you will learn a few simple tips to boost your personal charm.

Become A Superhero Speaker

          According to most studies, people’s number one fear is public speaking. Yet, how well you communicate and connect contributes to your success. This workshop identifies ways to improve for all levels of speakers and includes how to add visual aids, body language and vocal variety to wow your audience.

  The Secret of Connecting with Anyone

Even if you’re an introvert, have no “people skills” and never know what to say, learning how to connect with others is both vital and– easy! In order to be a success in both professional and personal life, you have to forge connections. This workshop will show you easy ways to approach the people around you and be unforgettable.

 How to be a Dynamic Leader

          Have you ever watched someone in charge fail? Leaders crash and burn for a reason. This workshop helps you avoid those pitfalls and become a dynamic leader people will love to work with, increasing both happiness and productivity within the workplace. You will learn the types of personalities within your organization, how to identify them and how to connect.

Pick a Winning Jury

You’ve got the case, you know the facts, you’ve prepared your arguments, examination and experts. You’re ready, right? Maybe not. Have you thought about the most important part of your case? It’s jury selection. If you don’t have the right people listening, you lose. If you don’t present the right image, you lose. Learn how to read body language, pick a theme and create a connection that will help you win your case.

The Confidence Connection 

What’s it mean to be confident and self-assured? There are lots of ways to get there, but one of the best methods is to embrace your inner superhero. Examine some of the psychological reasons why you might not feel confident and find ways to change them.

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