What’s one of the best comments I get in my reviews of Dior or Die? “I want more” or “I look forward to the next book” or simply “More, please.” I love hearing that my readers want to spend more time with Davia Glenn and the recurring characters in my book. The next book’s title is Killing with Kindness, and the first chapter is in all versions of book one. I even have the cover finished, which I will reveal closer to the release.

What’s the downside? I want to ensure my readers have a great experience, so I spend a lot of time considering how to deepen character development for recurring roles. The next book has also required research that makes me wonder when the NSA will knock on my door and ask what I’m planning. A pesky thing called life also intrudes into the process. I was sick with omicron for a month. I don’t remember much about February 2022 except listening to Stacey Lind’s fantastic audiobook narration and requesting a few minor changes. The rest of the time, I hibernated. So, to those waiting for Book Two, thanks for your patience! Two cats closely supervise my work, sometimes even leaning over the top of my computer to ensure I’m writing or walking across the keyboard to add their own two cents. Thanks to everyone who read the first Davia Glenn novel, left a review, or suggested it to others. I appreciate all of your time and input!      

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