Dior or Die

"A female Jack Reacher with sizzle!"
Anne Lucy-Shanley
Author of Mayfly Hollow

She has survived dangerous covert missions for the government, but can she survive life among the rich?

What do you do if you’re a highly skilled – and honestly badass – female operative who learns someone has leaked information about your team to a terrorist?

Then your commander discovers your forbidden romance with your incredibly handsome team leader, forcing you to take a year’s leave of absence.   

When you learn you’ve inherited a fortune from your control-freak aunt— but only if you follow her strict wishes, including moving to an expensive zip code—is this good or bad? 

Does money solve life’s problems? 

It doesn’t take long for Davia Glenn to find the crazy hiding behind all that money. She stumbles across the body of a high society member and gets on the radar of a clever detective.

And a smoking hot billionaire believes she’s the type of woman who needs rescuing from the assassins on her tail.  

Forced to choose between two men and two worlds

Davia must decide her future and save the day— wearing haute couture instead of camouflage and combat boots. 

Coming Soon!