Book 2 in the Davia Glenn Series Releases SOON!

Dior or Die reached the top of Mystery Action-Adventure books on Amazon, a real thrill for a first-time author.

Killing with Kindness picks up right where Dior or Die left off.


When Davia Glenn gets involved in a double homicide case, it will have unforeseen consequences for her new life in Rancho Suprema. Will she be able to help solve the crime, catch a spy, and not fall off a catwalk at the Ladies’ League fashion show?

What’s taken me so long to get the second book released?

Covid plagued me a few times, which set back my writing schedule. Darn that thing called life! I appreciate the emails from readers urging me to hurry up.

Because I work hard to keep the events in my books realistic, I researched many topics. This book taught me about the sound of suppressed gunfire, gunshot decibel levels, the quietest suppressed gun/ammo combos, how to rig a timed explosion, and even the sounds swans make when startled.

Cover artist Cherie Fox has created another amazing cover for Killing with Kindness. The duality of the paparazzi versus a bad guy portrays the duality of Davia’s existence.

Stacey Lind will return as narrator for the audiobook release if that’s your preferred way to enjoy books.

If you can’t wait until the release date, shoot me an email and sign up for my Advanced Reader Copy (ARC) team.


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