About Laura

Maybe you’ve just been asked to do a presentation for your company, or you’re a lawyer set to try an important case. Maybe you’re an executive who has a high stakes, multi-million dollar presentation that will effect your company’s future.

Are you feeling nervous?

Do you wonder…Where do I begin?

How will I connect with my audience?

What can I do to ace this?

What if I tell you that every goal you want to meet is possible and achievable? By receiving coaching to pinpoint areas that need improvement and following easy instructions, your success will skyrocket.

I understand where you are. I began my life as a shy introvert. Being asked to attend a gathering of more than a few close friends gave me anxiety.

Through mentoring and determination, I became a prosecuting attorney by the age of 24. I focused on learning the crucial success factors of likability, connection and jury selection, trying and winning high-profile gang, homicide and rape cases. Now, I am an award-winning speaker and coach, dedicated to helping you attain your goals.

You might feel that what you have to do is impossible, but it’s not. Through either one-on-one executive coaching, keynote speeches or workshops, I help individuals and organizations become superstars.

Do you have a question about how to be more successful? Email me now!

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