2024 Projects – Sci-Fantasy and Davia 4 Updates

Tina Tafani in Brougham, Planet Tiersus, Year 4420


Now the New Year has rolled through, I hope everyone enjoyed merriment and fun during the holidays. I went to see Japanese animator (Studio Ghibli) Hayao Miyazaki’s film The Boy and the Heron on Christmas. The movie was a fantastical film based around grief and growing up. The story focuses on a young boy whose mom died in a fire, and a gray heron that isn’t what it appears to be. Of course, I opted to view it with subtitles since, as I like to say, “The only drama I want is Korean with subtitles.” (Yes, this was a Japanese film, but still)

What’s new for my writing is veering off the Davia Glenn landscape and into the year 4420 and a sci-fantasy novel titled The Law of Rule. My protagonist, Simon Rule, is an Intergalactic Alliance prosecutor working hard to make the God Prosecution Unit. When he’s assigned to handle Danny Perdition’s murder trial, his life gets upended. The defendant appears to be age 32 but has been committing murders throughout multiple galaxies for nearly 500 years. What can go wrong? Simon, his investigator Vas Mondragon, and Keane Kingsley of the Karma Police unite to take on diabolical forces. Throw in some gender-swapped Fates, a determined teenager named Tina, and a species consumed with tourism and souvenirs, and be ready to have a wild ride.

But what about Lavish and Lethal, Book 4 in the Davia Glenn series? As the first chapter is at the end of Book 3, Posh and Perilous, rest assured her adventures will continue. I alternate between the two books with irregularity and promise to be semi-diligent.

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Wishing everyone a happy 2024!

The Fates
Simon Rule in Purgatory
Intergalactic Prosecutor Simon Rule in Purgatory for an Arraignment Hearing
Keane Kingsley of the Karma Police battling a Succubus
Senior Investigator Vas Mondragon












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