Why the 2014 Grammys Matter to Me

Tonight is the 2014 Grammy Awards and I’m waiting to see if Daft Punk’s “Random Access Memories” wins for Album of the Year. Yes, Daft Punk defines E.D.M. (electronic dance music for those of you with no idea what those initials mean) but it’s who they collaborated with that makes their nomination even more special to me.   To say I was a “band geek” is an understatement. I started piano lessons when I was three and learned the trumpetRead more

A Fish Story

  I grew up in the Imperial Valley, California. A wide bowl of desert dotted with fields of crops fed by an extensive irrigation system of canals. In elementary school, we had a “Dippy Duck: Don’t Swim In Canals” program because the water looked placid on top but had strong undercurrents. When I was around six years old, my father decided to introduce me to fishing. We headed out to a canal, driving along a dusty road next to aRead more

Beta Traps and Crocodile Brains

Are you job interviewing in this down economy? Pitching a book idea?  Picking a jury? Trying to convince a loved one they really need to go to that football game with you? Raising venture capital? Life’s about sales, no matter if it’s business or personal relationships.  I recently read a book by Oren Klaff called Pitch Anything! Klaff chased down every useable theory in the field of Neuroeconomics and formulated an answer to both how he could better forge a connectionRead more

Selective Memories

  Let’s face it, I have a selective memory. People can quote things I’ve said and I wonder what they’re talking about. Sometimes, I’m not even sure who these people are.  But, books. Those I remember.  The memory of leaving the local library with the first book I checked out as a child, Cowboy Andy. Its solid, thick cover felt good in my small hands and I beamed with pride. Over time, I moved out of the children’s section andRead more

Was 2013 Really That Bad?

It’s January 1,  2014. Yesterday, I ran 2013 through my head. It was depressing! I hadn’t accomplished what I’d wanted to, lost a case I’d put years of time into, hadn’t finished the book I’ve been writing and those 15 pounds I need to lose are still there. The negative stayed in the forefront of my thoughts. I was going to be happy to see 2013 go! Don’t let the door hit it in the metaphorical butt on the wayRead more