Lawyers: How to Win Cases with Storytelling

  Remember being a child and having your favorite book read to you by a parent? Or hearing someone tell a funny family story that is often repeated? How about telling your friends about something great that happened over the weekend? Storytelling is the oldest form of narrative communication by humans. It’s wired into our DNA. Every human culture uses stories in an attempt to explain and make sense of the universe. The fastest way to connect to a juryRead more

7 Steps to Promoting a Bestselling Book

If you’re a writer, it’s likely you’ve spent countless hours conceptualizing, writing, and editing your book. You’ve also probably spent as much or more time getting it published. But did you also work on building an author platform? Brooke Warner, publisher at She Writes Press,, recently spoke at Publishers and Writers San Diego about the value of building an author platform. She shared an analogy that I loved, saying, “Some writers want to hole up as they write, onlyRead more


Sometimes stressful situations make you feel like you’re in a building that’s on fire, your hair’s on fire and everything is crashing down around you. Studies have shown that 90% of top performing leaders stay calm and in control during times of crisis– but it isn’t always easy. Here are a few tips to help weather the storm: 1)  Take a Deep Breath The event you’re in, or the problem you need to solve, won’t spin out of control anyRead more

How To Find the Truth

With all the advertisements, media spin, rumors, sales pitches and more that come our way, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to make correct decisions based on fact. Have you ever wondered how to find out the truth? One way is to become a critical thinker. Critical thinking means disciplined thinking that is clear, rational, open-minded, and informed by evidence. The most important part of that sentence is “informed by evidence,” meaning the decision you are making is based on verifiable, factualRead more

Restore the Voting Rights Act

It’s been three years since the U.S. Supreme Court gutted the Voting Rights Act or VRA.  What does that mean for Americans? What even IS the VRA? If you are, like I was, unfamiliar with the VRA, this blog will explore why it was–and still is–essential to American Democracy.  History President Lyndon B. Johnson’s address to Congress about his vision of a Voting Rights Act occurred on March 15, 1965. His speech took place one week after the events inRead more


Voter Suppression. It’s something I hadn’t spent much time thinking about until this election cycle. The GOP has driven so far to the right that their base threw up their hands and went for a non-politician. The Democratic Party also shifted so far to the right that a progressive movement rose up and got behind the campaign of a not-widely known Senator from Vermont.  Big money and Super Pacs have been deciding elections, the mainstream media’s been selling everyone aRead more

12 Quick Tips to Help You Feel Confident

None of us go through life with our confidence meter stuck on 100% all of the time. Why do we feel confident? Why don’t we? Improving our confidence takes self-reflection and practice. I recently conducted a  workshop on improving self-confidence at the University of San Diego’s Women’s Center. I had about an hour to condense a broad topic into a crash course. In addition to a quick look at psychological studies of confidence issues based on gender, and providing aRead more