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Nine Inch Nails and My Spontaneous Life

Yesterday I was reading the local paper (don't ask me why I still do this) and noticed that Nine Inch Nails and Soundgarden were playing a concert at the Chula Vista Ampitheater, formerly Coors Ampitheater, now Sleep Train Ampitheater, which is rather embarrassing to even say. I knew NIN was my daughter's favorite band. We've been under a lot of stress packing and getting ready to move so I casually ask her "Want to see Nine Inch Nails?" Of course, she does. "When is it?" TONIGHT.I get online and find…

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Why the 2014 Grammys Matter to Me

Tonight is the 2014 Grammy Awards and I'm waiting to see if Daft Punk's "Random Access Memories" wins for Album of the Year. Yes, Daft Punk defines E.D.M. (electronic dance music for those of you with no idea what those initials mean) but it's who they collaborated with that makes their nomination even more special to me.   To say I was a "band geek" is an understatement. I started piano lessons when I was three and learned the trumpet in fourth grade. My friends and I pored over new…

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