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Beta Traps and Crocodile Brains

Are you job interviewing in this down economy? Pitching a book idea?  Picking a jury? Trying to convince a loved one they really need to go to that football game with you? Raising venture capital?Life's about sales, no matter if it's business or personal relationships. I recently read a book by Oren Klaff called Pitch Anything! Klaff chased down every useable theory in the field of Neuroeconomics and formulated an answer to both how he could better forge a connection with the people he was pitching to, which led to multi-million dollar…

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Selective Memories

 Let's face it, I have a selective memory. People can quote things I've said and I wonder what they're talking about. Sometimes, I'm not even sure who these people are. But, books. Those I remember. The memory of leaving the local library with the first book I checked out as a child, Cowboy Andy. Its solid, thick cover felt good in my small hands and I beamed with pride. Over time, I moved out of the children's section and rooted around through the remaining stacks. If a book was out of place,…

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Was 2013 Really That Bad?

It's January 1,  2014. Yesterday, I ran 2013 through my head. It was depressing! I hadn't accomplished what I'd wanted to, lost a case I'd put years of time into, hadn't finished the book I've been writing and those 15 pounds I need to lose are still there. The negative stayed in the forefront of my thoughts. I was going to be happy to see 2013 go! Don't let the door hit it in the metaphorical butt on the way out, I thought. Then my family dumped out the gratitude…

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