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Restore the Voting Rights Act

It's been three years since the U.S. Supreme Court gutted the Voting Rights Act or VRA.  What does that mean for Americans? What even IS the VRA? If you are, like I was, unfamiliar with the VRA, this blog will explore why it was--and still is--essential to American Democracy.  History President Lyndon B. Johnson's address to Congress about his vision of a Voting Rights Act occurred on March 15, 1965. His speech took place one week after the events in Selma, Alabama. Imagine. On March 7, 1965, 600 civil rights…

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Voter Suppression. It's something I hadn't spent much time thinking about until this election cycle. The GOP has driven so far to the right that their base threw up their hands and went for a non-politician. The Democratic Party also shifted so far to the right that a progressive movement rose up and got behind the campaign of a not-widely known Senator from Vermont.  Big money and Super Pacs have been deciding elections, the mainstream media's been selling everyone a line and people have finally begun to notice. It's been…

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